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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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two virginia tech students are behind bars. accused in the death of a 13-year-old girl. how did they meet, how did she die. tonight the web of questions continues to grow. >> tonight is really crunch time. >> you're not only selecting a president, you are selecting a commander in chief. >> the race for the white house reaches a crucial point in iowa. we'll bring you the latest results from the caucus. this is fox 5 local news at
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11:00. >> and we do begin with breaking news out of iowa and there is a lot of it. the latest results in tonight's caucus. it's good to have you with us. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. fox news is projecting the winner ted cruz followed by donald trump and marco rubio. let's get right to will thomas with the latest details. >> what a night in american politics. again ted cruz declared the winner in the gop race. we're going to get results in just a moment. but more breaking news. democratic candidate martin o'malley as we said during the 10:00, suspends his campaign tonight. less than a percent. he is leaving the race for the white house. also breaking within the last hour on the republican side, mike huckabee says on twitter he is ending his second run for president. all right. let's go to the gop results. right now with 99% of the
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precincts reporting, ted cruz with 28%, donald trump 24, marco rubio has come from behind at 23%. again fox news and other outlets calling the race for ted cruz tonight democrats now with 88% reporting hillary clinton with 49.9%. we had been rounding it up. but to show you how close it is, just take a look. 49.9%, to bernie sanders, 49.5%. again, o'malley with .6%. let's bring in our guest our communications professor. she was the communications director for the democratic party in iowa. you know politics in iowa well. thank you for joining us. let's get to the headline. ted cruz won, you say it's because he ran a grass roots operation. >> he ran the ground game, that's what they expect. going to 99 counties.
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robe yoe did similar work on the dpround. donald trump flew in, flew out did a lot of rallies. >> did donald trump skipping that gop debate last week and holding his own event did that hurt him? did that send a message that he's above it or better than the guys on the ground game there? >> it could have but it gave ted cruz to solidify more support. you're seeing him and rubio who both came out very well tonight. >> and what we're seeing tonight is how the gop caucuses are run. the candidates or the representatives can go to some of these 2,000 sites and actually make a last ditch pitch. >> you have people who are precinct cop tans who are there to support a candidate and do the work on the ground because the candidate can't be in different places. >> so often we talked about the momentum we were seeing. so many people were showing up to these events. you had to wonder could you get those people in the audiences to actually vote in these caucuses.
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what has tonight showed us? >> you're seeing that rallies don't translate into votes. that's what you're seeing tonight. you're seeing hilary and bernie did the work on the ground and you're seeing it in a virtual tie. >> so far the democrats haven't called it. it takes a little longer on the democrat side the way the process works. quickly explain that. >> for the democrats they have to caucus and stay while they break into viable groups, physically move from place to place in a room. >> for instance if you walked into a caucus site tonight and you were for martin o'malley you would have to move or leave all together. >> especially if you have high turnout which we're hering. you have precincts that have over a thousand people. >> let me end with this. the other big headline tonight, marco rubio, he came from behind. >> three tickets continental out of iowa and he punched third. >> thank you as always we appreciate it. tony over to you. >> now we want to turn to some
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other matters. a bizarre murder we've been telling you about today. a 13-year-old girl who survived a liver transplant and bullying was found dead along the side of a road in north carolina. topt a freshman and a sophomore from virginia tech are charged in the case. marina marraco is here with the latest. >> reporter: this is 18-year-old david eisenhower, a virginia tech freshman and primary suspect and 13-year-old nicole lovell's disappearance and murder. he's an engineering major and was arrested at his campus. he was initially charged with abduction but hours later his charge was upgraded to first degree murder after nicole lovell's body was found. his arrest has come as a surprise. he was a high school track and field standout and was named howard county boys indoor track athlete of the year in 2015. after graduating he continued his track career at virginia tech.
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>> very pleasant young man but very goal driven. focused on academics but he was also focused on running. >> he was quiet. he kept to himself. he had a good group of friends and stuff but other than that he kept to himself. >> now a day after eisenhower's arrest on sunday, 19-year-old natalie keepers was also arrested in connection with lovell's death. like eisenhauer is an engineering major. her neighbors back home in laurel were shocked to learn of her alleged involvement. >> i was originally shocked. let's be honest. it's not something you expect in average run-of-the-mill neighborhood. i don't have a whole lot of interaction but it is surprising to say the least. >> and this behind me is nicole lovell. she was just 13 years old. her mother told reporter she was a troubled middle schooler who
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was bullied and undergoing serious health issues. she maintained some sort of media relationship with david eisenhauer. we cannot independently confirm her identity on facebook. from that will account just three days she posted several comments on a popular facebook page known as teen dating and flirting. authorities have not said how exactly eisenhauer and keepers know each other, but they both grew up in howard county just south of baltimore. both of them graduating class of 2015. eisenhauer went to wilde lake high school and keepers went to hammond high. he grew up in columbia, she grew up in north laurel. both of them just ten miles apart from each other. if they didn't know each other at home, they most likely met here at virginia tech where they were both engineering majors.
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authorities have said eisenhauer any the victim before he allegedly killed her. nicole lovell's home is only three miles from campus where eisenhauer and keeper both go to college. 80 miles away in surrey county north carolina is where nicole lovell's body was found on route 89. this entire case is one big question mark. investigators have remained tight-lipped as they continue the investigation. and according to court documents, police don't believe a gun was used in the crime. for now both keepers and eisenhauer remain in jail on no bond. the autopsy was scheduled for today and will likely provide more insight into her death. >> tonight a decades-old cold case in frederick county is solved. her body was discovered a few months later. police say she was murdered.
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investigators announced they charged lloyd harris. police say he lived in the wooded area where her body was foun. they arrested him in kansas city, missouri. >> he actually left the frederick area around 2002-2003. but mr. harris lived here at the time of stacy's hoffmaster's missing. he lived in the woods at that period of time. so obviously this case he had a knowledge of stacy. we believe stacy had a knowledge of him. >> police have not shared the connection between the suspect and the victim. harris will now be extradited back to maryland. >> police in the district are investigating an officer-involved shooting. the latest incident happened around 2:00 this morning. police say an officer tried to stop a man who was acting suspiciously. the man took off running. he dropped his gun. the suspect ignored a command to leave the gun on the ground that's when the officer shot the
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suspect who later died at a hospital. an investigation revealed the weapon was actually a bb gun. since last march dc police officers have shot four people in the same neighborhood, two of them fatally. >> still ahead tonight the cancer fighting powers in one of your favorite foods, we will tell you what some scientists discovered in cheese. >> the world health organization says the zika virus is now an international health emergency. should people here in the dmv be concerned. i'll bring you the details ahead at 11:00.
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well good news for all of you cheese lovers. cheese may actually have cancer-fighting properties. a study from the university of wisconsin found cheese contains a naturally occurring preservative. during an experiment mice were fed a large amount and it slowed the growth of their tumors. >> the centers for disease control and prevention says you can now eat chipotle without any reservation. federal health officials say e.
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coli linked to the chain is officially over. the source was never determined. developing tonight, the world health organization declared an international health emergency over the rapid spread of the zika virus. >> how serious is this outbreak and who needs to be concerned. sarah simmons joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the emergency meeting was called. there's still a lot they don't know about the virus. but the number of cases is expected to grow in the next year. >> reporter: zika has the world health organization on high alert. >> the experts agree that a causal relationship between the zika infection during pregnancy and microcephaly is strongly
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suspected, though not yet scientifically proven. >> reporter: health experts are considering how to deal with the virus which has been linked to thousands of cases of microcephaly in new borns in brazil. the world health organization estimates there could be up to 4 million cases in the americas in the next year. but the director of allergy and diseases is more cautious with the estimate. >> we don't think we're going to see a massive outbreak of zika in the united states. >> preg nent women are urged not to travel to 28 countries. mostly in latin-america and the caribbean. the virus acts similar to other viruses and doesn't stay in the system forever. >> if the virus goes away after a week or a week and a half at the most or two, you can be pretty sure with some exceptions that two months down the pike that you don't have any problem if you're a woman. >> reporter: the doctor says for the average person who catches the zika virus from a mosquito,
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you may experience a fever, pink eye-type symptoms perhaps. your body will recover and create an immunity. some may not develop symptoms. experts say curbing the mosquito population will be the most important thing in the countries where the virus ispr >> sue palka joins us now to talk about the forecast. boy, we've seen a lot of different weather. >> yes, we have. and we could potentially still have another day of record heat this week. >> really? >> we're forecasting a high of 65 and that would tie a record from 1967. but it will come with a price which is rain and maybe some thunderstorms in the afternoon. >> that means humidity. >> yes, it sure does. >> and it also means by by snow. >> and maybe some flooting. >> we do have to watch that. the snow has been melting at a good rate. wednesday may be a different story. the rain we had today wasn't that heavy. it's actually creating a little bit of fog tonight, you can see it in this picture here and what
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we're watching for wednesday may be more like half inch to an inch of rain so if that does finish off our snow pack we'll have to watch some of the small streams. i'll say it's a minor threat but we'll continue to watch it. talk about disappearing snow, it's pretty much gone at reagan international. still 10 inches at dplus and 4 inches at bwi and i know a lot of you still have big piles around. continue to dig out those storm drains if you can. we will do a bit more melting tomorrow and certainly on wednesday. today's high 61 well above the average of 44 and tomorrow our average high goes up to 45 degrees. we're actually above that for the average high right now at 47. so slow to fall here in the district. but you'll notice frederick down to 32, cumberland at 34. we will have to watch some areas to the north and west for refreeze tonight. visibility because of the fog from the moisture over the snow pack is a problem in frederick
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right now with visibility down to .25 mile. this should get better as the dry air pushes in. about a mile and a half visibility in annapolis as well. from here and there we are finding that fog around tonight and we again do expect many places north and west to drop at or below 32 degrees. dc right around 36 degrees. so this batch of rain is gone. another one will move in but our frontal boundary moving away tonight is going to ensure we'll have a cooler and drier day tomorrow and we'll head for the 30s that you saw here overnight. we're cooler to end the week. fog possible with a little bit of patchy ice north and west. we drop to 36 in the district, closer to 32 or below, and we brighten things up tomorrow morning, bring in some clouds tomorrow afternoon. we should be able to get to about 50 degrees and as you can see by noon about 47, by 5:00, 46 degrees. as we wrap it up with our fox 5
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accuweather 7-day forecast. watching the afternoon wednesday for rain, maybe some thunderstorms and some big winds coming through with that as well. we might pick up half inch to an inch of rain. but after that's gone we run through several days in the 40s to about 50 degrees on sunday. it looks like a mostly sunny and quiet weekend. again, monday's temperature about 47. that is your forecast including a fun weekend here locally. what's going on in sports jim? >> who interrupts my sports cast tonight ted cruz or hillary clinton. he lost his brother on friday, he had an emotional win on saturday and he's taking time off to grieve with family. in the meantime, as he greefs with his family, don newman guided the team. first half wizards turns it
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over. durant down court. wiz at the 12 by the half. we go to the second half. west brook simply loses it. the thunder pulled away every single time. the wizards lose 114-98 and the winner, ted cruz. here we go. >> tonight is a victory for the grass roots. [ cheers ] tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. [ cheers ] tonight, the state of iowa has
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spoken. [ cheers ] iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. [ cheers ] will not be chosen by the washington establishment [ cheers ] will not be chosen by the lobbyists [ cheers ] but will be chosen by the most incredible powerful force, where all sovereignty resides in our nation, by we the people, the american people! [ cheers and applause ]
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tonight, thanks to the incredible hard work of everyone gathered here, of courageous conservatives across this state, we together earn the votes of 48,608 iowans. to put in perspective your incredible victory that you have won tonight, that is the most votes ever cast for any republican primary winner. tonight is a victory for millions of americans who have
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shouldered the burden of seven years of washington deals run amok. tonight is a victory for every american who has watched in dismay as career politicians in washington, in both parties, refuse to listen and too often fail to keep their commitments to the people. tonight is a victory for every american who understands that after we survived eight long years of the obama presidency, that no one personality can right the wrongs done by washington. the millions who understand that it is a commitment to the constitution, to our shared insistence that we rise and return to a higher standard, the very standard that gave birth to the greatest nation that the world has ever known.
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to the revolutionary understanding that all men, and all women are created equal. that our rights do not come from the democratic party or the republican party or even from the tea party. our rights come from our creator. [ cheers ] and the federal government's role, the federal government's responsibility is to defend those fundamental rights, to defend us. and while americans will continue to suffer under a president who has set an agenda that is causing millions to hurt across this country, i want to remind you of the promise of scripture. weeping may endure for a night,
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but joy cometh in the morning. [ cheers and applause ] tonight iowa has proclaimed to the world, morning is coming. morning is coming! from day one -- >> you are listening right now to ted cruz who is declaring victory there. he was declared the winner of the gop iowa cause cusses just a sport time ago. 48,000 votes cast for him that is the largest number of votes ever cast for a gop presidentialal contender. coming in second donald trump followed by marco rubio in a close third there. >> very strong showing for rubio in third place there.
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speaking of the republican side, we do want to mention that former arkansas governor mike huckabee has withdrawn from the race. we understand hillary clinton is going to speak soon to allegedly declare victory. hilary has about 49.9% of the vote, bernie sanders at 49.5. i think those numbers have changed a little bit but they're still very close on the democratic side we should tell you that maryland governor martin o'malley has also withdrawn from the race. >> that's right. also just found this interesting just a short tame ago. a lot of people want to talk about donald trump. back in 2014 he tweeted no one remembers who came in second. we'll see what he has to say about that tomorrow. >> much more on this on fox news morning starting at 4:25 in the k you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> good night, everybody.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> blac chyna gets arrested for being incredibly drunk at an airport in texas. and minutes after that happens, rob kardashian gets in a bentley, drives 1400 miles to pick her up. >> i think it's hysterical she has to get so wasted. i have been boning rob kardashian four days. get me a triple! >> justin bieber did an impromptu concert. >> how many people thought you would like justin bieber? >> i think he likes the people he's performing for in the club more than he likes the teeny boppers he's performing for. >> me and oliva and nicki went to the concert and there were a whole bunch of people our age. >> all 30 years old. [laughter]


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